How to Make a Mousepad?

The supply you need to prepare:
foam place mat
fabric, contact paper, wallpaper
spray adhesive – depending on material used
The soft foam can make a perfect mouse pad.Actually,it is easy to get one.

Step 1: Draw your favorite pattern on the back of your place mat. Then cut out the desired shape.
Step 2: you can choose spray adhesive to attached a piece of scrap card stock to to your place mat. This added durability may also covered up your desired design.
Step 3: Cut your fabric/contact paper/wallpaper about 1 inch larger (on all sides) then your mouse pad.
Step 4: If you want to make a square, make sure to cut out corner notches in your decorative covering. This will help it fold over easily.
Step 5: Smooth the decorative covering on your place mat carefully, flip over and fold the edges tightly, sticking them to the back of your place mat.

You finished! Sit back and enjoy your work.
It will definitely look perfect in my closet office. Oh I can not wait to show you the finished product!
Are you tired of working on the computer? To do a personalized mousepad to please yourself.

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