Cute Diy Phone Cases

Hey there, Sweet friends! I hope that you’re enjoying your summer. I thought I would share a quick and fun little tutorial of how to use Sweet Stamps in your everyday life outside of cards and planners.

I believe everyone love your smart phone! I currently use the iPhone and I will admit that it goes everywhere with me. Due to the fact of how much it costs and how important it is, the protection case is as equally important so I put some money towards the case, too. No one, especially me, likes just a boring old case – I’m guilty of owning seven different cases! What can I say, I like to change it up every once in a while because I do get bored. No one would refuse a fashionable phone case, however, this can get expensive so then I discovered that an inexpensive and still fashionable way to have different looks is to DIY your own phone case!


  • Clear plastic case
  • Pattern papers or cardstock
  • Phone template printable
  • Paper Trimmer and/or scissors
  • Sweet Stamp Shop images
  • Copic or other coloring medium
  • Pencil (to trace, not pictured)


First, you’ll want to cut out your template and trace it onto a piece of patterned paper or cardstock. Depending on the look you want.(PS:to make this even easier for you, line up the template flush with your paper so then you will need to make less cuts!)

Then, cut out your traced paper with either your scissors or paper trimmer.

Next step is exactly like you normally would make a card or paper crafting project. Color, embellish, stamps as needed.

Finally, just use it and go out with your personalized phone.

I hope that you’ve learned a little something today and enjoy your custom phone cases.

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