DIY a Button Charm Key Chain

Do you have a signature color? Do you want to use buttons in different shades of that color to create a key chain that reflects your style!Let’s have a try and let something little new things to inspire yourself.

You need to prepare:

An Assortment of Buttons
Key Chain Ring
6 to 7 Inches of Chain
Large Jump Rings
Blue Charm
Needle Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers

1.Attach the key ring and charm to the top and the bottom of the chain.

2.Add jump rings to all the buttons and leave the rings open. Use a variety of button shapes, sizes and styles to keep it interesting.

3.Finally the fun part! Use the jump rings to attach the buttons to the chain and close the jump rings. For some of the smaller button shapes, you may want to use multiple jump rings to attach the button to the chain. Make sure you mix it up and alternate the colors and sizes as you add the buttons to the chain.

It’s done. You may have the experience of losing your keys at the bottom of your bag or on a desk covered with paperwork? Through this personalized Button Charm Key Chain ,your keys will be so easy to find!You can also use this Button Charm Key Chain to add some flair to a lunch bag, backpack, or hand bag.Happy Trying.

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