DIY a Lanyard Keychain

Are you still confused for looking for gifts? Consider making a keychain.It is appropriate for nearly anyone.It also inexpensive and fun to make yourself.Let’s try to make a lanyard keychain together today.

a split ring
keychain assembly
some thin rope or plastic lacing. (The rope or lacing will need to be at least four times as long as you would like your finished lanyard to be, so lengths will vary, but they need to be at least three feet long so you will have enough rope to handle.)


Cut two pieces of the rope or lacing the same length. If each is a different color it would be great, so that your lanyard keychain is colorful and so it’s easier to keep track of where you are in your weaving process.

Thread both ropes through the ring or keychain assembly. Make sure the center of each rope is positioned at the ring (unless you are using a weaving technique that requires something different). Secure the ring to a flat surface with a piece of tape. This will allow you to have a secure project as you weave. You should now have four ends of rope to weave together.
Pick a spot to attach your ring that allows you to have a lot of room to weave your ropes together. A great spot is a table that is free of clutter.

Weave the ropes together. There are a variety of techniques you could use for weaving your keychain, but even a simple braid can look beautiful with the right rope or plastic lacing. Whichever technique you use, make sure to keep your strands tight and don’t be afraid to undo a bit of your weaving if you find you have made a mistake. It’s better to fix a problem now than notice it in your keychain forever.

Tie off the ends your rope and make sure to neatly trim them. Your lanyard keychain is finished!

The materials you need to prepare is pretty simple,right?Just get them and start your own custom lanyard keychain.

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