DIY a Mouse Pad

Have you always been looking for a new mouse pad for your home office.everything in the store is pretty plain.So it is difficult to find a mouse pad to fit our style. If we can add some personality to our desk with fun patterns, it must be great.Let’s make our own mouse pads using fabric that match your space and style perfectly now.

You need to prepare:

Cork tile (you can find these at most craft stores and they come in both circles and squares)
12×12” piece of a cotton blend fabric
Decoupage medium (a substance that acts as a glue, sealer and finish for attaching paper and other materials to surfaces)


First, place the cork tile on the underside of your fabric and trace around it with a pencil before cutting out the fabric. This will be the top of your mouse pad.

Using the paint brush, apply a thin layer of decoupage medium on the cork tile and place the fabric on top so your print is facing up. Then, brush another thin layer of Mod Podge directly on top of the fabric until it is evenly coated to ensure your fabric is firmly in place. This adds a more durable layer to the top of the fabric and makes it easy to roll your mouse. It will feel dry in an hour, but wait for 72 hours before using.

To add variety, repeat these steps using a different fabric on the other side of the cork tile. Now you have a reversible mouse pad!

You can add some personality to your own desk with this personalized mouse pad. Or, even better, make one and give it as a gift. It’s great for your coworkers or the students in your life –especially those living in a dorm room with limited opportunities to show their personality. For teachers, you could make one in their school colors, which would surely be hit. If you don’t have fabric scraps on hand, your local fabric store may have a sample bin with squares of fabric for just a dollar or two. You’ll only need 12 square inches of material to make this project. You will be surprised at just how simple this project is!

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