DIY a T-shirt Pocket

Want to make your own old t-shirt come to life again?An easy way is to create a t-shirt pocket. Come to join us,you will find lots of fun.


An old t-shirt
A piece of fabric of choice
A scissor(A fabric or textile scissor will be better.)
Needle and thread


1. Collect your gear.
Collect your gear as listed above. Than devise which pocket you want to make. The shape is the most important!

2. Shape
Found the right shape? Draw it on a piece of paper and pin it on the fabric of your choice.

3. Cut
Thereafter, you cut out the shape from the fabric. Take into account that you cut around it at least 1 centimeter.

4. Fold
Fold the extra centimeter, so the edge of the pocket will have a neat finish when you stitch it.

5. Pin on
Pin the pocket on the t-shirt. Tip: Put on the t-shirt before you start sewing to check if it’s the right spot for your pocket!

6. Stitching
Found the right spot? Than you can start stitching the pocket. You can do this by hand or with a sewing machine. Be careful when you’ll use a sewing machine: only sew one side of the t-shirt.

Everybody will be jealous of you because of this custom T-shirt!

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