DIY Baby Bib

If you have a child at home,you probably can’t help making baby gifts.We have to admit there is something incredibly satisfying about that!Today,let’s try to DIY baby bit.

You can get four bib tops from 15″ of fabric. Choose some fun cotton prints and go bib crazy!
You can get 4 bibs out of 15″ of terry cloth. I backed all my bibs with this super soft terry.
Snaps or hook and loop for the closure


Step 1
Cut out your fabric!You can stack all your different fabrics and cut them out with a rotary cutter all at once.
Also cut out your terry cloth.

Step 2
Sew them together!
Seam allowance: 3/8″
Put right sides together and pin around the bib. You need to leave an opening about 3″ wide along the bottom. Do all your bibs at once to safe time!

Step 3
Trim and clip around your bib so it will lay flat. I clipped all around, paying close attention to the tight curves, and then used my rotary cutter to trim my allowance to about 1/4″

Step 4
Turn your bib right side out through the opening you left unsewn. Then press it down so it lays flat.

Step 5
Top-stitch around the edges at 1/4″. This will finish off the opening on the bottom.

Step 6
Attach the snaps. The best advice I can give for this is to follow the instructions on the packet. I found that by using a little thread spool to hammer it in, you won’t damage the snap. I also used some scraps of terry cloth to protect my snaps while hitting it with a hammer since they are pearl snaps.

And that’s it!You’ve never thought it is that easy,right? It’s such a small project but with the right fabric you can really make something fun, unique and and truly inspiring bit!Hope you enjoy it.

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