Diy Bag Idea

Are you tired of seeing the toys on the kitchen room threw by your children? If so ,just do as I did, that is to make a stylish storage bag to hide the toys in plain sight when they are in the main living space and make them portable so the kids can carry their belongs back to their rooms.


1. contrasting fabric
2. scissors
3. pins
4. sewing machine and coordinating thread (not shown)
5. iron (not shown)

A note on fabric:

Generally,you should choose a stiff fabric like canvas or upholstery to give some support to the bag. The bag will not stand up on its own, but it needs to retain some shape. If you chose to use quilting cotton for the vast selection and colors, then you need to use fusible interfacing. It’s applied to the wrong side of the fabric with an iron before sewing.


  • Basically, you need to start with a rectangle. It’s easier to fold the fabric and position the fold edge at the bottom. Make the bag as long or as wide as you need, but remember to keep it a rectangle. Sew up the sides of the rectangle and keep the top open. Make two rectangles; one from the pattern fabric and one from the solid fabric.
  • To make the bag sit flat, you will need to cut two corners off the bottom of the bags. After you sew up the sides of your two identical rectangles lay them flat, with one of the seam sides facing up. Now it’s time to mark the corners off at a 45 degree angle. Use a straightedge to mark the angle and then sew across to secure. Then, cut the excess fabric, leaving an edge. Do this to both of the bags on each side.
  • Turn the lining (solid) right side out and insert it into the main fabric bag that is inside out. Pin around the top and using 1/4-inch seam allowance, sew around the top of the bag leaving a 4 inch opening. Turn the entire bag right side out (patterned fabric on the outside) and stuff the solid piece into the patterned piece.
  • Press all the seams down on the top of the bag. Fold in the raw edges of the 4 inch opening 1/4 inch, and press. Pin together. Top stitch 1/4 inch around the top of the bag to finish.
  • Turn down the top of the bag to show the contrasting fabric. Stuff with toys and other knick knacks. You’ll be happy to see the toys put away in pretty bags.

From the above steps, we can know that it is very easy to diy this personalized bags.

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