DIY Brush Painted Mugs

When it is getting colder you may want to drink lots of hot drinks.So, let’s talk about how you might want to decorate your mugs for the purpose of offering other people hot drinks.


Porcelain Paints
Paint Brushes


1. Wash and dry your mugs ready for painting and prepare your surface with scrap paper so you don’t make a mess.

2. Use different sized brushes to paint onto the outer surface of the mug. You can choose food safe porcelain paint so you don’t have to worry about where you make your brush strokes, but if you are cautious you can always keep the paint below the lip and away from any mouths.

3. Leave them to dry fully and your mugs are ready. No need to bake in the over to set!

I’ve kept this simple and easy with quick, messy brush strokes which you can do even in my feeble condition.Ok, let’s get started and personalized mug belongs to you.
QUICK TIP: find patterns you love and keep them close by for inspiration.

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