Sometimes, you may be tired of seeing those stuff put in here and there and you may want to have a bag to hold them in, so do I. Therefore, I decide to make a tote bag by myself.I found a plain canvas bag at Hobby Lobby & made it pretty for my everyday school bag tote for books & my school work, but this bag would be great for a beach bag, craft tote, & so much more. There are also so many ways you can decorate it & all for less than $10….

I decided to go super simple with my bag & just add a little touch of me. I can always add more later when I feel the creative urge, but for now this bag reflects my imperfect eclectic self. & I kind of love it.


  • Poms
  • A fabric marker
  • Thread


1. I purchased the canvas bag, fabric marker, poms, thread, & needles all from Hobby Lobby. You can find all of these items at your local craft store for very cheap! I spent less than $10 for all of it. & you can also use items you already have around the house.

2. I used the fabric marker {which worked great by the way!} to create a pattern on the top seam. I wanted it to be imperfect and eclectic looking so I didn’t do any measuring &
I just went with it. A little scary, but fun.

3. I sewed the poms on using a large needle and thread. For this part I did measure & mark where the poms would go, but I wanted the thread to be more eclectic looking so I didn’t mark where the thread would go on the bag.

4. From here I decided to keep the rest of the bag simple. The marker needed to dry for 24 hours but be sure to read the label on the fabric marker that you use. You could also use sharpie, puff paint, or other mediums on your canvas bag.

That was my affordable solution for carrying my books to class daily. I am very impressed with the quality of this bag for the price. It holds a lot of books & supplies very well & is very sturdy. What do you think of my DIY book bag? Come and make your own personalized bags.

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