What are you doing with your family in your spare time?How about being in the kitchen baking.If there are kids to be with,that would be great.You may create memories—and messes—as you can make sweets to share with neighbors.But in order to keep your clothes safe from the chocolate frosting,you should create some aprons on your own.Today,Let’s try a simple way to make a dish towel apron.

You need to prepare:

1 kitchen towel
1 yard of cotton twill tape
a sewing machine
an iron


Take one kitchen towel and fold it in half widthwise.

Fold the top back down, leaving an overlap of about 1/4 the towel length. This folded piece will form the pockets on the front of the apron.

With a straight stitch, sew along both edges from the fold to the bottom of the towel, creating the pocket edges.

Sew a straight stitch along the fold at two other intervals to make pockets. (Suppose we chose a one-third of the towel.)

Flip the apron over and fold the two top corner edges to a 90-degree angle at the 1/3 fold lines.

Staying 1 inch from the folded edge, sew a straight stitch along each of the diagonal folds.

Thread either end of the twill tape from the top through the folded corners, creating an adjustable neck and waist straps all at once.

Finish the edges of the twill tape by folding under 1/2 inch and stitching in place.

Do you think it ‘s troublesome to use a sewing machine? Forget about it.Because the edges of the kitchen towels are already finished, sewing these aprons together takes just a few minutes and very basic sewing skills. So dust off that machine and make a few personalized aprons for your own family or friends!Just tie on and get baking!

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