DIY Dish Towel Bibs

Have you ever tried to make a bib from a dish towel?I have to tell you it is something you can really put into production!More than this, it is cheap and easy.Go get a dish towel and do it.


terry cloth or dish towel
cotton ribbing
marking pencil/chalk
CD (as in compact disc…) or other round object for template
rotary mat and cutter


Cut strips of ribbing 2.5″ x 12″. This size will fit babies and toddlers.

Cut rectangles from terry cloth 14″ x 22-25″ depending on how long you want the bib. If you’re using a premade towel, preserve the original dimensions.

Sew the ribbing in a tube by opening it up flat and sewing a seam, right sides together. After it’s in a tube, fold it in half so the seam is completely on the inside.

Use a CD to trace in the center of the width and about 1/3 down from the top and cut out.(You may find a CD is the perfect size circle for the towel neck hole.)

Divide both circles into fourths with pins or by some very shallow clipping. Clipping is my preferred method, just be careful!

Match up the seam in the ribbing with the center back of the towel. Match up the other 3 marks and pin it to death in between.

Stretching the ribbing as you go, serge the towel to the ribbing.

That’s it!Your own custom dish towel bib is done.Just enjoy your perfect job.

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