DIY Napkin Pillows

What do you usually do after you finish your work and go home? Absolutely, most people would say that “I’ll sit down and lie on the bed.” Yes, that’s just perfect. However, it might be better if you have a pillow to lie on. According to my own experience, I decide to DIY a pillow by myself and I would like to share with you. I really looking forward to my custom pillows.


  • a pillow form
  • cloth napkins
  • Velcro Fabric Fusion Tape
  • iron
  • scissors
  • pins
  • measuring tape
  • sewing machine


  1. I started out by folding over a one-inch strip toward the back of my napkin, ironing it down, and then sewing straight across it to secure it. This is where my velcro will end up eventually. I did this with two napkins, which will end up being the two sides of my pillow cover.
  2. Next, I put the two napkins together with the backside out, so the parts with the design were facing one another. (PS:Be sure to line up the ends that were folded over an inch.) Measuring for the size of my pillow, I pinned the three sides that weren’t going to be velcro-ed together.
  3. Then it was time to pull out the scary sewing machine. I simply sewed a straight line around the three sides that I had just pinned, removing the pins as I went along, of course. And guess what– I didn’t even break the sewing machine! Victory!
  4. Then it was velcro time! I followed the instructions on the package, adhering the velcro to my fabric, then flipping it over and ironing it in place for 90 seconds.
  5. Then all I had to do was flip it right side out and stuff my pillow inside, and I was done.

To be honest, I think that is easy and economical, why not have a try? And by doing these, you can possess your personalized pillows and enjoy your break time!


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