Diy Painted Inspiration Mug

Do you like to be a special one? If you do, we strongly recomend you to join us. In fact, it is extremely easy to make an unique mug,why not have a try?

After all,who doesn’t love waking up to some sweet words whispered in your ear, or a special note left by a loving heart.

Recently, we all left with special notes to ourselves, words of love and inspiration to get us going in the morning… hand drawn on our own morning coffee (or tea!) mugs. These are great to use everyday, but they’re especially for the days when we might not wake with confidence or those days we feel a little less than inspired, because let’s face it, we all have those days! So, join us and create your own little bit of morning sunshine. It really is easy to do and very interseting.


  • Mugs
  • Paint pens


1. Write your inspirational note on your mug, draw your designs and paint until your heart’s content! Use a phrase that means something to you, something that will make you smile when you see it… you know YOU best, so don’t worry about what others think. Maybe you like to hear a “Hello, gorgeous” in the morning. Or maybe something like “Carpe your diem” or “It’s purpose time” will get you moving. We’ve got a few more ideas below as well.

2. Then, just place your mug(s) on a cookie sheet and place in a COLD oven. Allow to preheat to 350 degrees and bake for a total of 30 minutes. Cool in the oven, and make sure you let the mugs cool thoroughly before touching them because they’ll be hot!

We know for sure that you will like what you have done since ther were made by yoursele.We’d love to see what you make! Enjoy your own personalized mug!

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