DIY Photo Frames

Do you have a few pictures of your family that you want to get framed? This DIY is what you need.It is incredibly simple and inexpensive to make.Just have fun.

Washi tape {similar to colored masking tape}
Square white canvas


1.First and foremost, arrange to print out your photos.
2.Next, gather all materials and set up shop in a roomy workstation.
3.Before getting started on the design, you need to mount the photo. The easiest way to do this is to take a ruler and measure the sides of your canvas, leaving a small pencil mark in the center of each side. Next, measure the sides of your photo,leaving a small pencil indent in the center of each side.
4.Next, line up the dots and secure the photo using craft glue.
5.Let the fun begin! How you use the washi tape is entirely up to you.You can creat a pattern using vertical, horizontal, and diagonals lines. And you can cut the washi tape in half for the picture boarder.

Your own personalized photo frame is done.I can’t wait to see how the other creatives design their cool frames!

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