DIY a Unicorn Pillow

Today I want to share you a unicorn DIY fleece pillow! This simple little craft is magically cute and easy to make.You can make your friends this cute little unicorn pillow for theirs room as a little gift, and they will absolutely love it!


Anti-Pill Fleece in Light Pink (1 yard)
Anti-Pill Fleece in Gray (1/2 yard)
Iron on Vinyl in Silver Glitter and Black
Super Bulky Yarn (I used All Things You Acrylic and Wool Blend in Velvet Purple)
Masking Tape
Sewing Machine and Matching Thread
Silhouette Cameo or other cutting machine
Iron On Cut Files
Pillow Pattern

Cut Pattern Pieces and Attach Horn to Head.

Start by cutting out the pattern pieces. Cut two of the head pieces (you will have to tape the pattern pieces together before cutting) and four ear pieces from the pink fleece, and then cut two of the horn pieces from the gray fleece.

Line the bottom of the horn piece up with the edge of the tab on the top of the head. Pin in place and sew together. Repeat for both head pieces.

Create and Attach Yarn Mane.

You can use a pretty purple bulky yarn to create a loopy yarn mane for your unicorn pillow. First,tape a long piece of masking tape to your table, sticky side up. Then loop a long length of yarn back and forth across the tape. When you reach the end of the tape, place another piece of tape over the top of the first piece of tape to hold the loops in place.

Next, take one of the head pieces and line one edge of the yarn loops up with the back edge of the right side of the head piece. Sew the yarn loops in place close to the edge of the head piece. You can repeat this process for a short yarn loop piece in front of the horn.

Sew and Attach Ears.

Sew two of the ear pieces together, right sides facing. Flip the ear right side out, and top stitch around the edge of the ear. Place the ear on one of the head pieces with the raw edge facing the top of the head (see image below).

After ear is attached to the head piece, flip the ear up, and top stitch across the bottom to hide the edge and keep the ear in place. Repeat this process for the other head piece.

Sew Pillow Together.

Making sure the lose edge of the mane and ears stay clear of the seam, pin your two head pieces together, right sides facing. Start at the bottom of the head and sew around the entire shape leaving a gap of at least a few inches at the bottom. Clip and trim corners and curves for easier turning.

Turn the pillow right side out.

Add Eyes and Stars.

Next, cut the eye and star designs from your iron-on vinyl using an electronic cutting machine. If you don’t have a cutting machine, you can cut the designs by hand or add eyes and other details using embroidery. Remove the excess vinyl from your design and position on the pillow. Use your iron on the cotton setting to press the designs onto the pillow and then remove the clear carrier sheet (you have to wait for the design to cool before removing the clear carrier sheet from the glitter vinyl).

Repeat this process on the other side of the pillow. This is a good time to remove the tape from your yarn mane as well.

Stuff and Sew Pillow Closed.

Finally, stuff your pillow with fiberfill making sure to completely fill up the shape.

When your pillow is fully stuffed, you will need to sew the bottom edge closed. Fold the edges in and use pins to hold the seam closed. Then, use a needle and thread to sew the pillow closed using a ladder stitch.

Once the seam is closed, your unicorn DIY pillow is finished and ready to be squeezed and loved!

You can make your own awesome unicorn pillow in any colors you like and play around with the vinyl decals as well! You will be surprised by yourself.

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