DIY Unique Leather Earrings

If your New Year’s resolution is to give your friends more concern, this DIY was made for you! There are plenty of ways to DIY pretty accessories that’ll surprise your friends, and I’ll share one with you today using leather to make earrings.

You need to prepare:

Leather scraps in black and tan
Leather punch
Leather glue
Small and large square cookie cutters
Craft knife
Jump rings
Shepherd earring hooks
Jewelry pliers


1.Trace around your small square cookie cutter onto the back of your tan leather.

2.Trace around your large square cookie cutter onto the back of your black leather.

3.Using a craft knife, cut out the squares you traced in steps 1 and 2.

4.Trace around your smaller square cookie cutter in the middle of your black leather square. Using your traced markings as a guide, cut out the center of your black square so that only the outline remains. You should now have a large black square outline and a smaller tan square.

5.Glue the black square outline to the tan leather square so that they partly overlap.

6.Punch a hole in the top of your two squares.

7.Attach a jump ring to the leather squares.

8.Attach a shepherd earring hook to the jump ring.

9.Just repeat Steps 1 to 7 to create a second earring.

When it comes to stylish jewelry, a matching price tag will come to our mind. But Leather scraps are affordable and available in a myriad of colors.Just try to make a totally unique earrings in your personal taste.The thoughtful gift is here waiting for you.

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