DIY Wood and White Desk Organizer

You probably haven’t gone “back to school” in years, but that doesn’t stop you from loving the whole back-to-school thing! It is so exciting and satisfying to get all of your pencils and paperclips and binders neat and organized. So in the spirit of getting the twelve thousand pens and pencils that float around your life all organized, I share this simple DIY to inspire us all!I’m taking things slow and starting with the basics—file sorter, pen holder, and desk planter.

The materials you need to prepare:

1.Wood Con-tact paper
2.White cardstock paper
3.White cardboard file sorters
4.Square cardboard boxes
5.Scissors / X-Acto knife

Steps for the file sorter:

1.Assemble a cardboard file sorter and lay it out on top of the back of the Con-tact paper.
2.Trace the cardboard file sorter making sure to get all four sides (not the bottom). Cut out.
3.Measure 1″ from the bottom, and cut the strip to use for later.
4.Slowly peel and stick the Con-tact paper onto the file sorter. Make sure the top edges/curves line up. An inch of white file sorter should still be seen from the bottom.
5.Repeat the steps for as many file sorters you want.

Steps for the pen holder and desk planter:

1.Wrap both square cardboard boxes using white cardstock paper.
2.For the pen holder, use the Con-tact paper strip leftover from making the file sorter (step 3). Peel and stick onto 3.the top of the box.
For the desk planter, cut out Con-tact paper triangles. Since my box is 3×3″, I cut out four triangles (one for each side of the box) and each is 3″ in length and height. Peel and adhere onto the box.

Not only is this look simple and modern, but it’s also a welcomed alternative to the usual black and white you may normally choose. It also gives your desk an illusion of “clean” which really does encourage you to work better…and feel guilty if you mess it up!You will really like the look of this simple wood and white desk organizer .Have a try and hope you enjoy it.

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