How to Make Your Own Custom Mousepad

In the office space a mouse is a needed thing and with that are mousepads.When working with a computer for most of the day there is a pretty good chance that you probably use a mouse either wired or via bluetooth. But we have to admit that shopping for a mouse pad at a store can be pretty boring.Making your own custom mousepad is simple and it only requires a few things.So why not design a custom mousepad for yourself?

You need to prepareļ¼š

1.Multi-Purpose Sealer
2.Scrapbook Paper
3.Craft Foam Sheet
Remember that when you are selecting your scrapbook paper and craft foam sheet that they not only match each other but that they also match your office decor if you want as well.

Start by placing your foam sheet onto a protected surface. Apply a thin layer of multi-purpose sealer over the entire surface of the foam sheet. Then press a piece of scrapbook paper onto the foam sheet and allow to dry completely (overnight is best). After completely dry, apply another layer of multipurpose sealer over top of the scrapbook paper. Again allow to dry completely (overnight).

Once the top layer of multipurpose sealer is completely dry then you are able to cut your custom mouse pad to the size that you prefer. You can cut it with a regular pair of scissors in a traditional mouse pad shape or any size and shape that you like. I choose to keep mine pretty big so that I can have a large surface to work on. All I did was cut off any excess paper or foam with scissors and rounded the corners a bit.

If you sit at a desk a lot and most of your day you are in front of the computer. Just transfer your office space into a space that you enjoy. Not only you are able to choose paper and patterns that match your office space, but it is also much more budget friendly to make your own than it is to purchase a pre-made mousepad.

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