Pillow with Floral Patches

As we can see 90s styles is coming back to life,it may be strange but it is great to see new element has been added to that style.Today,Let’s take floral patches as an example to create a personalized pillow.

Unlike some other patches, these intricate, long patches require a bit more work to iron onto fabric. Because of the flowers and leaves sticking out from the larger sections, they may be harder to secure. Nonetheless, it’s still a very quick and easy way to update a plain pillowcase and bring some floral patterns into the room. This one is as good as it gets.


Solid pillowcase, cotton or similar fabric
4 pieces floral applique neckline patches (usually comes in set of 2)
Dish cloth or pillowcase


Heat up the iron on the cotton setting and turn off steam. Lay the pillowcase on a flat surface and iron out any creases in the fabric.

Arrange the patches on the pillowcase. I placed two in each corner, with the largest flowers facing outward.

Place a dishcloth or pillowcase over the patched areas and press with the iron for several minutes, carefully moving it back and forth and paying close attention to the smaller sections like leaves.
Pull back the cloth occasionally to check if the patches have glued to the fabric. Be careful! It’s hot.

Once all of the pieces are successfully ironed in place, insert a pillow form and display it in your home!

An elegant and in-style pillow is done.This project is easy to make.Right? All your friends come to your room may think it is just a special pillow you bought.Then you will feel so proud of yourself.

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