Succulents in Mugs

Ceramic mugs
Potted mini succulents
Drill with a bit for ceramics
Cactus Soil
Spray bottle with water

First ,you should drill holes in the bottom of the mugs. Water can pool in the bottom of a closed container and grow gross stuff that could hurt your plant baby. Old water = mold water.

In order to arose your interest,you can start with a custom mug! Set it upside down on a towel. Spray the area you are going to drill with water. Using a glass or diamond tip bit, start at an angle and make a little notch in the center of the bottom of the mug. Spray the area again with water then continue until you have your hole. Be careful, wear goggles!

Once you have your hole drilled, fill the mug halfway with the cactus soil mix. Now its time to add the succulent!

When the the succulent is removed from the container, please be gentle!Set it inside the mug on top of the soil and fill the mug with more soil until all the roots are covered. Spray with water from the bottle.

You did it.

It’s time to continue for the other mugs.

You also need to remember that succulents are great, sturdy plants.You don’t have to water them too much because they love sunlight.

Actually, you also can use personalized mugs to plant other plant baby.Hope you will get what you want.

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