Use a Marker to Update a Throw Pillow

How many pillows is too many?Most of us will hold that the more, the merrier! Adding a couple fun and textured decorative pillows to our home will make it look extra inviting. However,you can not always be addicted to pillow purchases.Actually,if you can just make a little change,you will save your money and add color to your daily life.Let’s get started.


Pillow cover, ironed
Large paper letters (3-5 inches tall)
Sharpie or permanent marker


1.Lay the pillow cover flat. If using a thinner material, place a piece of cardboard inside to prevent the marker from bleeding through.

2.Place the cut-out paper letters in the approximate middle of the pillow cover. If you don’t feel that you can hold them in place while you draw, try using double sided tape to keep them in place throughout the project.

3.Hold the letters in place and draw small dashes in one direction. Start at the letter and work outwards to the edges of the pillow cover, leaving equal spacing between dashes. No need to be perfect!

4.When the rows of dashes are about 2 inches thick, switch to another direction, such as a diagonal. Continue working in between letters and switch up the directions of the dashes every once in a while.

5.When you’ve filled in the spaces around the letters with dashes, remove the paper letters. The word should still be clearly visible. Once finished drawing, insert a pillow into the cover and display.

Because pillow covers tend to be washed occasionally but not often, a permanent marker should hold up well over time. Customize your pillow with your favorite colors or sayings! Cut out any paper letters several inches tall and create this unique pillow with a drawing technique anyone can master. You’ll have a custom pillow in 30 minutes or less.

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